Wednesday, December 4, 2013

7 Gifts To Celebrate Everyday

photo courtesy Bain Ultra

Big Gift Idea #1

Trying to come up with an out-of-the-box holiday gift idea for that special someone? Significant others can be the most difficult to buy for, especially when there is a house-to-do-list vying for attention both during and after the holidays. Why not consider crossing two items off your lists by giving a gift card that allows the receiver permission to enjoy the gift of luxury every day. A soaking tub with aroma therapy like the one above from Bain Ultra, is one way to extend the giving season throughout the years to come.

photo courtesy Steamist

Big Gift Idea #2

Creating a spa-like experience at home is one way to give the gift of wellness. Incorporating a steam shower into a personal residence can be done at the design stages of a project as well as retro-fitted into an existing shower. The health benefits of steam therapy include muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation, release of toxins, allergy and asthma relief, and even more restful sleep. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

photo courtesy Kallista

Big Gift Idea #3

While some may not consider a kitchen sink as a particularly sexy gift, one look at this stunner from the Mick De Giulio collection for Kallista and anyone who appreciates home cooked meals may think otherwise. Equipped with an integrated cutting board, colander holder, knife sharpener and large trough like bowl, this stainless steel beauty will take center stage in any working kitchen and is sure to steal the heart of the one who prepares nourishing meals for the family on a daily basis.

photo courtesy Brizo
photo courtesy Kallista

Big Gift Idea #4

Bling can come in all forms, even paired with polished chrome. Adding a bit of sparkle to the bath in the form of Swarovski crystal finials on faucets and towel holders, or rock crystal wall sconces, is an attainable luxury that elevates everyday rituals. When installed in a first floor powder room, this brilliant element of surprise will be a gift for guests as well. 

photo courtesy Native Trails

Big Gift Idea #5

If you have a reduce-reuse-repurposer on your shopping list, then we have just the gift! This unique bar or vanity sink is fashioned from reclaimed oak wine barrels, creating a rustic work of art that functions beautifully. Come to think of it, if your loved one loves wine (red or white) this will also make an extra special gift!

photo courtesy Blanco

photo courtesy Blanco

Big Gift Idea #6

For the environmentalist/gardener in your life, this gift will provide an effortless way to save kitchen scraps for composting that can later be used to enhance the soil in their perennial beds, creating future lush and bountiful harvests. How very sweet!

photo courtesy Grohe

Big Gift Idea #7

A simple swap out of an existing shower head to one that includes a hand held option, is a gift worth getting excited about. New models even offer water saving features with the use of air-induction technology that creates bigger drops of water while using a lower flow rate. Pretty cool, huh? 

What to Give, What to Get

From now through December 31, 2013, when you buy one gift card at Designer Bath, you will receive a second gift card valued at 10% of the first. Gift it to someone else, or save it to pick out something special for yourself. One size fits all. For details, click here.

Happy holidays and best wishes with your gift lists! Just a reminder, we will be collecting unwrapped toys for boys and girls at our Beverly location to benefit Toys for Tots now through December 14th. Stop in anytime to drop off something special, big or small, because in the end we all know it’s the thought that counts!

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