Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Working Together in the Kitchen

Apple, pumpkin, squash, pecan, mince meat, shepard’s ... which is your personal favorite? Recently we had the chance to really get to know the favorite flavors – and secret recipes – of our many co-workers here at Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply.

Our annual Employee Appreciation Event was held in the large and well-outfitted cooking demonstration side of the Eurostoves showroom in Beverly. Eurostoves not only sells gorgeous cooking ranges (and more), they also host culinary classes to teach the art of fine cooking while offering team building opportunities in a fun and creative environment.

We were split up into a number of groups and then set up at different work stations, with each table filled with an abundance of fresh ingredients and the latest cooking gadgets. Fortunately each of our groups had a Eurostove chef on hand to share proper techniques along with flavor combination strategies. Our job was to create a complete menu of choices, ranging from soup to salad to main courses to desserts.

We learned some new recipes ...

And we also discovered that some of us can be quite competitive in the kitchen. The underdog meal (as in no one wanted to come up with a vegetarian dish) ended up taking first place for its presentation and flavorful combinations. Just goes to show how a creative challenge plus good old fashioned teamwork can win in the end! 

Having plenty of room to dice and slice along with having access to some of the best offerings in kitchen equipment today, certainly inspired our culinary success, as did sharing the work with one another. Every role was important, from potato peeling to sauce simmering to plate garnishing.

The Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply team at Eurostoves

A special thank you goes to Dornbracht who sponsored our evening out at Eurostoves, and to the staff there who made it all look so easy. And fun. And delicious. We highly recommend their cooking classes, whether for a large group, a couples dinner, or kids party. Check out their class offerings (and menus) here.

Eurostoves also has an extensive selection of cooking tools and hostess gifts (perfect for the upcoming holiday season!)

However you choose to celebrate your Thanksgiving/Hannukah meal, whether cooking in or dining out, we hope you enjoy your time spent surrounded by family and friends. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

5 Reasons to Love Loo ...

1. Loo is always there for you. 

2. Loo respects your privacy. 

3. Loo does not judge.

4. Loo inspires a feeling of lightness and well-being.

5. What happens in the Loo, stays in the Loo.

Blog author disclaimer: OK, technically #5 does not really happen, since modern plumbing – as most of us know it – efficiently takes care of any business that is left, um, behind.

Can toilets be sexy?

While this may not be the most glamorous of blog posts, no one can deny that without the luxury of the loo, every day life would certainly be a lot less comfortable. And even in its most basic form, minus the extras that increase its level of lets just say efficiency, a toilet is the one fixture most of us could not imagine living without.  

a tented bathroom in Zimbabwe

When nature calls ...

So why all this potty talk, you may ask? Well, I have been made aware that tomorrow is World Toilet Day. Why is this peculiar date on the calendar blog-worthy? Lets put this sensitive subject in perspective ...

Have you ever gone camping in the  wilderness and had to rely on less then amenable facilities?

Have you ever traveled to another area or country where sanitation standards are not what you are accustomed to?

Have you ever been affected by a natural disaster that disabled your indoor plumbing?

Have you ever spent an entire day without access to a toilet? How about a lifetime?

Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

If you have ever been without a toilet for a day or more, it is not difficult to understand the value in having access to this very special room of ones own. For privacy, for dignity, for personal health and well-being.

To know them is to love them.

Did you know that the invention of the toilet has actually saved more human lives than any other invention in history? Did you know that 2.5 billion people around the globe still do not have access to a toilet? And that illnesses that are a direct result of poor sanitation are the 2nd largest cause of death of children in developing countries? This is why World Toilet Day is important. Because toilets can save lives. And thats worth talking about. The goal of World Toilet Day is to create an environment where sanitation needs can be discussed openly and honestly. By opening this taboo topic up for discussion, we can find ways to work together to make life better for others.

Dont be shy, join the conversation!

Follow #WorldToiletDay  #WeCantWait and #ThankYouToilet  on twitter to learn who else gives a sh*% and what we can do about it! #CelebrateTheToilet

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Monday, November 11, 2013

4 Tips for a Better Showroom

Ken Rohl, Mindy Sevinor-Feinberg, Brad Clore, and Kaye Powell
at the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association conference
photo courtesy: DPHA


“At Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply, one of our primary goals each year is to attend the major kitchen and bath association shows. Recently we attended the DPHA (Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association) conference in Chandler, Arizona. These annual meetings create an opportunity to touch and feel the newest and unequaled products from leading manufacturers.”

– Ralph Sevinor, Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply

Below are some of the newly introduced products on display at the DPHA showcase. You just may see some of them in our own showroom in the near future ...

 ROHL Shaws Waterside Fireclay Sink with bowed front: an
elegant alternative to the timeless farmhouse apron front sink

Victoria +Albert Drayton: a traditional tub with a modern vibe

Victoria + Albert Staffordshire Collection:
Victorian style vessels with coordinating faucet levers

Modern legs on a vanity console designed for small spaces


Being a member of the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association has been very valuable for us as a family-owned business in the decorative plumbing category. The mission of the DPHA is to help its members create the best showroom experience for all, paired with the most innovative products on the market. Their goal is to educate their professional members while offering “guidelines for consumers to make better and well-informed purchasing decisions.”

Panel discussion with Mindy Sevinor-Feinberg at the
Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association conference

During the DPHA conference, Mindy spoke on a panel that discussed Best Showroom Practices. As a young mom and homeowner, she has become quite a fan of Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram. She has also discovered that these platforms help her in the showroom as well. 

Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram are great tools that help to shorten the sales cycle and enable us to service clients at a higher level. Immediately the client is able to paint us a picture of exactly what they are trying to achieve. Pictures are worth a thousand words!

– Mindy Sevinor-Feinberg, showroom consultant at Designer Bath

At a recent Houzz presentation held at the Boston Design Center:
Kristina Crestin with her mom, Mindy Sevinor-Feinberg, Jason Sevinor
photo credit: Jessica Delaney

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Check out our idea books on Houzz where we feature local designers work along with many quality brands from our showroom. If you have done a project with us and have photos on Houzz, let us know so that we can add you to our idea books.

It is hard not to love Pinterest for instant inspiration and idea gathering! Our boards are a mix of our favorite brands and some fun looks at bath and kitchen design.

We have just started to use Instagram as @DesignerBath. We would love to see your favorite products from our showroom. Post a picture next time you visit us!


The DPHA conference was a time to explore opportunities for our business. I walked away energized about all the future possibilities. As a result of the conference, we’ll be adding a brand new faucet line to our offerings and expanding on several of our existing lines. I’m confident each will be a huge hit with our customers. Our industry is moving faster than ever. It’s critical decorative showrooms keep up with trends and all the innovation this great industry has to offer. DPHA helps us do that so we can offer our customers the very best.      
– Jason Sevinor, President Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply

Jason and Ralph Sevinor of Designer Bath


Are there any decorative plumbing products that you would like to see in our showroom? Please comment and let us know!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

In Our Neighbor’s Kitchens

The largest kitchen on the recent Wenham Museum Heart of the Home
Kitchen Tour was actually designed and renovated back in the 1990s. Its
classic details makes it look just as good today as it did twenty years ago.

Polished chrome bridge mount faucet at the kitchen island

Earlier this month we spent a day enjoying the Wenham Museum 6th Annual Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour. Eight distinct properties, ranging from newly renovated, to an old world style estate, to an historic 1742 charmer, were opened up to hundreds of visitors who were invited to tour the heart of the home, the kitchen. Many Salem Plumbing Supply fixtures were discovered on our day long journey that provided us with a glimpse of whats trending in our neighbors kitchens.

Apron front farmhouse sinks ...

White ceramic apron front farmhouse sinks were popular on the tour this year. They are very New England style, and provide plenty of room to wash oversized pots and pans. A sink grid on the bottom prevents potential surface scratching while reducing the overall depth of the sink for additional dishwashing comfort. Sink grids are available either in stainless steel or vinyl covered options.

Bar and prep sinks ...

Bar sinks or prep sinks were also in many of the kitchens. Installing a second sink in a kitchen island for use when the main one is occupied is always helpful. Including one in a remote corner, such as in a separate butlers pantry, is a great way to add additional function to a storage area. 

Wall mounted pot fillers ...

One of the benefits of a wall or deck mounted pot-filler is the ability to fill a large pot with water where it actually is going to be used. Locating a pot-filler by the stovetop eliminates 50% of most heavy lifting, since that same pot will still have to be brought to the sink for draining. Being able to save a few steps during the cooking process is a time saver, while also serving individuals with reduced hand strength.

Faucets with pull down spray ...

Single hole faucets with built-in pull down sprays create a clean and minimalist look at the kitchen sink while offering single lever ease of use plus increased mobility when washing pots and pans. They may be positioned at the center or to the side of the bowl. 

Professional style faucet ...

In this Elizabeth Swartz designed kitchen, a professional style single hole faucet with flexible spray hose combines with a swivel spout that has a 360 degree radius. It is a unique and stately addition to this custom kitchen.

Kitchen tour snapshots ...

water feature outside one of the properties on the tour

We really enjoyed peeking inside all of the homes on the tour, and sincerely appreciate the builders and designers who include us in their fabulous projects (candids of some of them are below). If you have a kitchen that you designed in the Wenham area, consider being a part of next years Wenham Museum Heart of the Home Kitchen Tour.

homeowner Sharon Meyers with designer Elizabeth Swartz

At LMK Interiors studio kitchen:
Rosanne Palazola, Lisa Kawski, Yvonne Blacker

Kristina Crestin of Kristina Crestin Design

See more of this completely remodeled home that Kristina designed on her Wenham kitchen tour blog post.

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