Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Working Together in the Kitchen

Apple, pumpkin, squash, pecan, mince meat, shepard’s ... which is your personal favorite? Recently we had the chance to really get to know the favorite flavors – and secret recipes – of our many co-workers here at Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply.

Our annual Employee Appreciation Event was held in the large and well-outfitted cooking demonstration side of the Eurostoves showroom in Beverly. Eurostoves not only sells gorgeous cooking ranges (and more), they also host culinary classes to teach the art of fine cooking while offering team building opportunities in a fun and creative environment.

We were split up into a number of groups and then set up at different work stations, with each table filled with an abundance of fresh ingredients and the latest cooking gadgets. Fortunately each of our groups had a Eurostove chef on hand to share proper techniques along with flavor combination strategies. Our job was to create a complete menu of choices, ranging from soup to salad to main courses to desserts.

We learned some new recipes ...

And we also discovered that some of us can be quite competitive in the kitchen. The underdog meal (as in no one wanted to come up with a vegetarian dish) ended up taking first place for its presentation and flavorful combinations. Just goes to show how a creative challenge plus good old fashioned teamwork can win in the end! 

Having plenty of room to dice and slice along with having access to some of the best offerings in kitchen equipment today, certainly inspired our culinary success, as did sharing the work with one another. Every role was important, from potato peeling to sauce simmering to plate garnishing.

The Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply team at Eurostoves

A special thank you goes to Dornbracht who sponsored our evening out at Eurostoves, and to the staff there who made it all look so easy. And fun. And delicious. We highly recommend their cooking classes, whether for a large group, a couples dinner, or kids party. Check out their class offerings (and menus) here.

Eurostoves also has an extensive selection of cooking tools and hostess gifts (perfect for the upcoming holiday season!)

However you choose to celebrate your Thanksgiving/Hannukah meal, whether cooking in or dining out, we hope you enjoy your time spent surrounded by family and friends. 

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